PosGate is an advanced cloud-based platform aimed to securely instruct purchase orders and related payments by using enabled remote terminals, WITH NO INPUT OF PERSONAL AND PAYMENT DATA.
PosGate is a patented solution at USPTO.

Multi-channel Platform

PosGate is a platform model which can be applied in a variety of different applications, like for example:
- Pay Television (satellite and cable television)
- Free-to-air television (smart tv)
- Mobile phones (SMS)
- Smartphones (Apps)
- Biometrics
- Visual and Magnetic Scanners
- DTMF telephones
- Computers, PDAs, other remote terminals

What we license

For more information about PosGate and its capabilities, check out the specific web site and if you are interested in acquiring a licence, please inquire us.

Our support

We designed the platform, therefore we know in depth all aspects involved in the system implementation. Our support is available for any company acquiring a licence, including start-up companies in need to put "all pieces together". We are business consultants with about 30 years "hands-on" in technology and finance projects. You can count on us.


PosGate executes secure payment transactions between customers and registered merchants by using remote terminals, featuring automatic terminal recognition and no input of personal and payment data. For any information about PosGate, visit PosGate web site at www.posgate.net