Business Consultancy

Our main service is DBI - Dynamic Business Improvement methodology.


We propose an organizational intervention designed to achieve - in the short term - significant improvements in one or more business areas, using our unique methodology Dynamic Business Improvement, which includes several operational steps including:

TMI - Top Management Interview
ODP - Objective definition and Planning
ASD - Admin Scale definition
WTO - Operating Mission Critical assessment functions
PIC - Personal interviews and coaching
PRR - Process Reviews
MON - KPI and SLA definition and monitoring
POL - Procedures and Policy Establishment
PRJ - Project Planning

The above activities are structured to allow the Company a measurable change in measurable terms. The activities are all documented accordingly. Our work does not require full-time presence in the company and may require activities by several specialists, depending on the area affected and the business needs that emerged from the TMI stage and ODP.

Generally, the activity takes place in close contact with senior management or the property, with a strong interaction with other business functions for the aspects of negotiation, problem solving, design and configuration of the optimal solution .

The intervention therefore differs from the purely specialist interventions, as it always considers the company as a whole, placing particular problems in the context of the more 'general purpose' and the correct use of available resources.

The activities then mainly focuses on the design of new systems and processes or re-engineering including requirements analysis, feasibility studies, design processes, choice of solutions, Architectures and Systems Integration.

It is therefore a role that combines an understanding of organizational processes with a deep technology expertise, able to cover the entire value chain. 

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