Bruno Pilò & Associates, LLC is a Denver based company operating in the Information and Communication Technology industry. Located in the hearth of the Denver Tech Center in Greenwood Village (CO), BPA offers advanced ICT Consultancy Services.


 BP&A is the owner of the patent rights of PosGate, an advanced cloud-based platform aimed to securely instruct purchase orders and related payments by using enabled remote terminals. Order and Payment are made at the same time without the need to provide any personal and payment data. PosGate is a patented solution at USPTO. To learn more about PosGate, specific web page at www.posgate.net.

Dynamic Business Improvement

 DBI is our methodology aimed to bring efficiency in business organizations. It can be comprised by different steps:
TMI - Top Management interview
ODP - Objective definition and Planning
ASD - Admin Scale definition OMC - Operating Mission Critical functions assessment
PIC - Personal interviews and coaching
PRR - Process Reviews
MON - KPI and SLA definition and monitoring
POL - Procedure and Policy establishment
PRJ - Project Planning

For more information about this methodology please visit the  DBI specific web page.

Custom Projects

 If you have other needs please feel free to inquire us. See the Contacts page.